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Slack Cheatsheet added to

If you’re a developer odds are you are using Slack instead of dreaded email to talk with the rest of your team. But are you using it well? Do you know the 10 most important commands and shortcuts?

Over on my Saas,, I’ve just completed researching and writing up the 10 most important keyboard shortcuts and command for Slack. It took some effort scoping out the commands that matter from the noise, but now LearnShortcuts has a Cheatsheet worthy of the name.

“Indispensable Slack Commands” Cheatsheet brings the total to eight cheatsheets available today at LearnShortcuts - all carefully researched to get to the good stuff. More cheatsheets and other features are on the way!

Again, why care? Because LearnShortcuts will push the keyboard shorts, syntax (think CSS) and commands (rails, Heroku, etc.) into your long term memory where they belong. It will make you a more accomplished developer. And that’s a Good Thing.