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A new resource for WFH: RemoteOrElse

A Resource for all those people now working from home:

Update: RemoteOrElse was gently put to sleep in September, 2020. As the deathcount rose and politicians dithered, it became just too painful to maintain.

A month ago, my developer lifestyle of working from home and being self-employed made me an oddity. What a difference a month makes! Now, tens of millions of people work from home or you don’t work. Covid-19 has changed tens of millions of lives in the United States, as state after state have into effect some form of Shelter at Home.

Watching this disaster unfold, day after day, I wanted to do my bit to help. While I’ve started a new chapter in my never-ending search to build a successful Saas, that’s my monkey on my back, not yet very interesting. But one thing that I can share are the lessons learned working remotely for over a decade.

So I’ve launched Remote or Else, where each day I curate the best, most useful posts about working, learning, and living 24/7 at home, and twice a week, try to add a post of my own diving into one or another topics.

I fully realize everyone in the world has their own opinion and posts about WFH, the challenges of being fully remote, etc. etc. I hope to add my own useful two cents to the discussion through being very selective in what posts I curate (“News”), and what I write about. Also, I hope to write up in a shareable some of the templates from handling money to managing contracts to networking that others might find useful.

On my first try building this site, I went down the Gatsby rabbit hole, hoping that either Gatsby had matured or my React knowledge had improved. Nope. So, RemoteOrElse is a Gridsome project and outside of Gridsome’s unforgiving frontmatter parser, I fully recommend adding Gridsome to your developer skills.

Please stop by Remote or Else, tell me what you think, what you’d like to see more of, and what your interests are in this Brave New Work From Home World we’ve now live in.