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Net Promoter Scores and the Successful Freelancer

Why Freelancers should use NPS.

So one of the core marketing metrics out there is NPS: Net Promoter Score. More about NPS.

The idea is each of your customers has a NPS when it comes to you. On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely will they recommend you. This business metric has broad appeal because it cuts to the heart of the matter and captures the core of that customer’s experience with you.

If you know and measure your customer’s NPS, all sorts of actionable information rises to the top. If you see an increase of low NPS over several months, you know something about the experience your customers is having with you is out of kilter and you’re pissing too many of them off. I you see most customers in the midrange, your offering is okay, but not great, and ripe for disruption by some other company.

On the other hand, if you have and maintain a high NPS, this is like gold 💰 just waiting for you.

As I’ve been working on FreelancerContacts and broadening my knowledge of this whole asking your clients for referrals thing for freelancers, I’ve come to the conclusion that a) estimating each client’s NPS, b) measuring each client’s NPS is incredibly useful business intelligence for you, and, makes deciding who you want to reengage with via custom Referral Request emails easy.

And, as a bit of gold for FreelancerContacts, nowhere can I find mention of using this metric that millions of businesses already use by freelancers.

So what do you think? Are you as a freelancer - be you a developer, a pet sitter, or a gardener - tracking your customer’s NPS? Please leave comments below.