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Bob knows his stuff, period. He provided us with clear direction and actionable items to resolve our most pressing pain points – quickly. To say that I got full value out of our MicroConsult would be an understatement – I gleaned valuable insight for Noca, and knowledge that will stay with me no matter where I go in the tech sector. I plan on working with Bob in the future, and highly recommend Bob’s MicroConsults for ISV’s in all stages of growth.  –Sarah Shelton,Director, eMarketing and Engagement Noca

This consult was what I should have done months ago 🙂 I’m very happy with what we’ve come up with. Thank you again Bob,
I really appreciate your patience and clarity. –Ludovic Bourgoin, Coach Oasis

Just wanted to thank you for the deep analysis and the consultation, and for traveling all the way to SF to meet me. It
was a pleasure to talk to you, and your advice was extremely helpful. –Roni Simonian, Maze


“@BobWalsh Your micro consults are GREAT! I recommend them to one & all.” — Ann Utterback, Ph.D, founder of Online Voice Coaching on Twitter.

“As someone trying to get my self-funded startup going, both time and money are at a premium. I tried a MicroConsult with Bob Walsh because he had an outstanding reputation and I honestly did not have the time to read through hundreds of pages of potential useless or redundant material. Bob’s advice got me on the fast track to meeting my goals. Once I work through the checklist that he and I created, I plan on scheduling another session in order to help me get to the next stage in my startup’s life.” — Justin James, founder of RatCatcher

“I’ve been waiting for a long time for Bob to offer consulting. I just had my first MicroConsult with him and I am thrilled. From my jumbled thoughts he helped me form the right questions to ask, bringing depth and focus to my next business hurdles. Then we worked together to build a plan of action I can handle. Equal parts mentor, project manager and therapist, Bob helps you make the next strategic step forward.” — Corey Maass, founder of Gelform

Sometimes you get stuck, lose traction, become unfocused, get lost among all the possible things you could do, you should do, to make your software business successful.
In the past, you could have hired me or any number of great startup consultants like Andy Brice who understand your world and can help you in many different ways. Problem was, such consulting costs more than what most bootstrapping startups can afford.
So let’s take a new approach to the problem: MicroConsult with Bob Walsh.

How’s it work?

You buy a single hour of my time for $147 USD. For that hour via Skype/phone you and I will focus on defining and identifying specifically what you need to do and how to do it to successfully market your app, productively run your one-person software company, improve your web site or what other pain you are feeling as a micropreneur or microISV.
I’m going to help you get control of 8 to 10 things that will make a difference. If your pain is how to more successfully market your app, we will focus on what the next set of specific actions will make that happen. If you’re spending long days working, but don’t see the results, we’ll tear into your workflow and describe, define, make doable, the first set of changes that will really make a change. The objective is simple: nail down the top tasks that will make your startup/microISV pain go away.
Then I nag you via email to get that checklist done, ahem, help you stay focused on that checklist of tasks until you’ve completed it. There are too many distractions, fires to put out – you need someone to remind you, bug you, encourage you, briefly answer questions when you get stuck and keep you focused on getting that list done so you get the results you want and need.

What can I get help with?

If you need help raising equity funding, launching your internet marketing get rich overnight site or coding, I’m not the right consultant for you. But if you’ve seen what I have seen, if you are stuck trying to define and research your market, if tech support is taking all of your development time, if you feel like wasting days on things that don’t make a difference, I’m your guy. I can work with you to define eight to ten specific, measurable tasks that will help, and politely but firmly hold your feet in the fire until you’ve gotten them done and moved your software business forward. And I can do it in an hour of your time.
If I’ve hit a nerve in what you’ve just read, why not give it a try? Just pick a time that works for you from the calendar below or on the sidebar, and let’s get to it!

The MicroConsult FAQ:

Question: What’s it cost?
Answer: $147 USD via PayPal, before we talk.
Question: What if I don’t think I’ve gotten my $147 worth?
Answer: I’ll refund your money, there and then.
Question: I’ve got a question not covered here, what’s the fastest way to get an answer?
Answer: Click the blue box in the middle of the footer. If I’m online, we’ll be chatting directly. If I’m offline, I will get back to you within one business day, or less.
Question: How do I book a MicroConsult with you?
Answer: Click the Book Now button at the top of this page, pick a time slot in the booking widget, pay your $147 and we are set.
Question: What do I specifically get for my money?
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  • One hour consultation with me via Skype or landline/mobile focusing on creating a specific Action Plan of eight to ten tasks that we agree will move you forward and reduce the specific pain you want addressed.
  • Brief email followups from me to remind you to complete the Action Plan, point out a few actionable resources along the way, briefly answer questions you may have, review changes you’ve made in the Action Plan, and mark off your progress.
  • Six month free scholarship to StartupToDo.com (retail price, $105), if you are not already a member,  when you complete your MicroConsult Action Plan.


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