Content Marketing for Startups

Thanks for reading Content Marketing for Startups or, marketing without the sliminess factor. I meant it when I said content marketing doesn’t have to be sleazy, and startup founders who get it right do move from obscurity to traction. And, I can help you make that move in two ways:

  • With a Content Marketing MicroConsult. What’s that? It’s a form of highly targeted consulting I’ve developed over the years to help startup founders get past what they are stuck on; quickly, cheaply, and with massive benefits. I work with you remotely for about 90 minutes defining 8 to 10 very specific steps you can take to getting the real payoff of Content Marketing: prospective customers who now know you, like you, and will be inclined to give you a shot at their business.That session will cost you $147 up front, with the guarantee that if at end of our 90 minutes you don’t feel like it was time very well spent, I’ll refund your money there and then. (So far, after doing this over 200 times, no one has taken me up on that guarantee.)
  • Hourly or fixed price consulting. Maybe you want not just help understanding what you need to do next – you want a pair of hands (and a brain) to start doing it. Interviewing customers to share the value in what your offering with others. Building a process that spends less time and money but gets much more results from Content Marketing. Creating content that your customers or clients want to read, watch, or listen to, content that earns your startup a place in their world.

If you want to break through the obscurity holding back your startup, get past all the hype and manipulation of inauthentic Content Marketing to the good stuff, let’s get the ball rolling with either a MicroConsult or discussing a more in-depth engagement right now.