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Hi, I'm Bob Walsh!

I'm a Northern California (Marin Co.) based developer, with over 20 years of experience.

I've worked remotely for over a decade, and know the ins and outs of being part of a partially or fully remote team.

Over the years I've written Windows software, large VBA apps in Microsoft Word and Excel, and have for the last decade had two main areas of focus: Ruby on Rails and HubSpot.

I've worked for several startups building rails apps. And I've done numerous contracts over the years being part of a larger team of developers. Nowadays, I focus on bringing simple ideas to life with Hotwire and Stimulus to deliver the best possible useer experience.

For various clients I've built from the ground up their HubSpot CMS and CRM systems, been part of a team of people converting multiple SalesForce apps into one HubSpot instance, and coded robust forms with build-in questionaires. I've also developed content within HubSpot: a weekly newsletter for a security company, various pages and posts for several other companies.

When I'm not coding for others I'm building my own SaaS Startups: StartupToDo and FreelancerContacts.

I've written 3 published books, the most recent The Web Startup Success Guide still sells.