Bob Walsh is the author of The Web Startup Success Guide, and co-hosts the Startup Success Podcast.
Over the years Bob has written 4 other books for microISVs and startups including Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality, presented at both European Software Conference and the Software Industry Conference, and co-moderates the Joel On Software Business of Software forum. His ebook, MicroISV: Sites that Sell!is the definite guide for microISVs who want to improve their web site.
Bob started in IT many years ago, developing custom desktop applications for medium and large companies. In 2004 he launched his first startup product, MasterList Professional, for Windows desktop, which he later sold to another company. Since at the time he knew zip about all things you need to know to sell commercial software, he researched and wrote Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality. Discovering he’d rather spend his time helping microISVs, microprenuers, ultralights, mISVs, and startups succeed he hung out his consultant shingle.
He’s working on a new book, WordPress for Startups, because one of the largest problems facing first-time startup founders is how to build an awesomely effective web site without spending the kind of money you need equity funding for.
His blog, 47hats, covers topics interesting to microISVs and startups. Bob provides consulting services to startups and microISVs via his MicroConsult with Bob Walsh service, and also consults on web site copywriting, market positioning, social media and product strategies.