One thing you learn pretty quickly with WordPress is that unless you’re a fulltime WP developer you’re going to need someone who is. There are simply too many things that can break – themes that auto-update but auto-fail; plugins that start doing strange things for no apparent reason; hosting issues that keep your clients from even getting to your site.
You don’t need the hassle. You don’t need taking time away from your latest cool react/graphQL/whatever project to deal with WP plumbing that’s broken. Even if you have plenty of WP domain knowledge, WP issues are distractions you don’t need.
That’s why I switched to Siteground earlier this year and am totally glad I did.
For example, today I got an email from Let’s Encrypt that my SSL certs on this site were going to expire tomorrow. Boom! – instant issue. Now I could have spent an hour easy googling why my certs were suddenly about to expire, recreating them and generally going down some technical rabbit hole I did not need to go down for an unpaid, unproductive, frustrating hour.
Instead, I created a ticket on Siteground’s excellent tech support system and let them figure it out. Result: issue was fully handled within an hour, I did not have to take time away from upcoming MicroConsults and developing DevCodeLearn, I could relax knowing it would be handled. And it was!
If you are any sort of freelance developer or a business owner who just wants a fast WP site with fast WP support you can trust, I can’t recommend highly enough¬†Siteground.

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