This morning I saw this excellent post by InVision re 30 good Sketch plugins – my goto tool now for high fidelity wireframes. Well written, nice screenshots, nicely done. And that’s the problem, and I bet if you are a developer, you have the same problem.
30 new things to learn at once makes my head explode.
As much as I’d like to actually learn each of these plugins, I just cannot do it in one sitting. And if I don’t absorb it in that one reading, it’s going to float away on the river of posts I get each and every day.
For now, until I’m ready to open (not up yet), here’s a kludge for actually learning these 30 good Sketch plugins.

  1. Go through and install say the first 5 plugins – probably the best of the lot. (No surprise InVision’s Craft is #5 – it is good.)
  2. Create a free account at FollowUpThan and resend yourself the email 3 times, 3, 6, and 9 days into the future.
  3. When you get the email again, re-read those top 5 plugin descriptions. Open up Sketch and play a little with them. Don’t stress about it – the repetition is the thing that matters.
  4. Repeat for each group of 5.

Yes, this is kludge way of moving some great info/tools you should use into your brain’s long term memory. But that’s what you need to do (repetition, re-reading, touching the info/tools repeatedly) to get that info to soak in.
Let me know how this works for you in comments, and if you have this problem too: I’d love to hear from developers who might want to be beta users of when the time comes.

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