Multi-billion member social networks, robots that can chase you down, algorithms that decide whether you get to live or die. Just a few high points to the world that’s fast approaching. Having not not posted here in a six months plus, I have to ask if creating content outside the walls of a social network is even a thing anymore for people other than very-non-millennials such as myself, or people trying to sell you something.
I know that the care and feeding of a blog makes living with a bad-tempered cat look good: it take endless offerings of time and money to keep it happy.
But is anyone listening? Or are we all prisoners of our social networks?

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  1. Billy Dasein Reply

    I’m listening, Bob!
    It was really nice to see your presence in my rss feed reader – the place I prefer to explore the reported world that is not corporatised and boundaried.
    I also stopped blogging last year and I sort of kind of want to start again, but I’m not sure I REALLY want to either. I don’t know if I have anything to SAY that isn’t simply a reaction to our rather dystopian state of affairs right now.
    As for your own dilemma, I can only say that I have really enjoyed your posts in the past.

    • Bob Walsh Reply

      Hi Billy,
      I know how you feel – and I’d encourage you to speak and write. It was too many people being silent that got us into the current mess: it will take a lot of people being brave to speak out that will start to fix it. So, go for it!

  2. Billy Dasein Reply

    You’re right. Our way forward is a standing together with fearless voices – thank you!

  3. Mike Sheely Reply

    If people fail to speak what they feel and think, there will be no more new ideas. I find that listening/reading other people’s thoughts helps motivate me. Don’t stop. We all feed off of each other in some fashion.
    I am a man out of time, myself; a Nam vet software developer approaching retirement. I must say, I find your blogs to be thought provoking.

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