Devs cannot resist tools. On any given workday we are in the blender with a swirling whirlwind of technologies, frameworks, libraries, user stories. The more of them you know, or at least know they exist, the more and better code you can write. So here’s three quick recommendations for finding more useful stuff, primarily for the frontend.

  • 1680273 jaywcjlove over at has comipiled a huge list of everything Mac applications and tools for developers and designers. If it’s not on this list, it probably doesn’t exist. I particulary like is sublist of curated Atom plugins under Editors and IDE’s.
  •  codrops CodropsMary Lou at Codrops for years has been pushing the CSS envelop in amazing ways. Between the weekly curated Codrops Collective newsletter and her Tutorials Playgrounds,  Blueprints sections, there is a cubic ton of cutting edge CSS you can learn and benefit from.
  • Discover_and_discuss_the_best_dev_tools_and_cloud___StackShare With all these tools and applications, you need someone to do that heavy lifting of weighing the pros and cons, comparing tradeoffs and generally keeping tabs on what from a developer point-of-view is going on in the “tools and technology” space. That’s Stackshare – a place where you can see what other devs are using, with a weekly email newsletter that never fails to surface at least one interesting tool.

Check them all out – you’ll be glad you did.

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