If you or your team are at point where you’re ready to bestow on your startup a pricing page, you’re going to want to head over to PricingPages.xyz first. There you’ll find example after example of how other companies have designed their all-important monetization moment.
A good pricing page has to hit multiple goals:

  • It has help users sort themselves out into the subscription or plan that will actually best suit them,
  • It has to make the case for that plan in a clear and compelling way,
  • It has to not raise questions it doesn’t answer that would get in the way of the sale,
  • It has to harmonize with the rest of your app – often both on desktop and mobile – so it’s a smooth experience.

By letting your brain soak up a few dozen examples that resonate with you and your startup, you’ll be in a much better position to get your pricing page right.
By the way, definitely check out ProductPages.xyz – the same idea, only for another key page type.

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