Sometimes a little beauty in life can sneak up on you. For nearly a year I’ve been using the free Momentum Chrome extension so I’d not have to look at a blank tab or some godawful corporate/advertising “home page”. Minimalist, a different beautiful scene on your screen each day, with optional little bits of useful information and tasks. No big deal, just a little something pretty shoehorned into the space between open a browser tab and go do something on the web. It’s perfect for people who use multiple machines: enter your focus of the day sentence on you personal Mac; it’s there when you get to work.
That little something now has over 1.5 million users. That’s a lot of people – like more than the entire population of the US State of Hawaii. All enjoying – and probably feeling at least a tinge of guilt for using something dozens of times a day without paying for it. Can you say monetize?
Momentum went Plus a couple of weeks ago – with an intro deal of 1/3 off, so that’s $19.99 a year – for a bunch more customizations and integrations. Want to see your Trello, Google Tasks, Todoist, Wunderlist or (coming soon) Github Issues every time you start a new browser tab? How about a few analytics like your Fitbit steps, UserVoice open tickets, Google Analytics, Harvest hours or Github Commits? Fitbit is available now, the rest (I want Github!) are coming soon. Is today’s picture or quote not working for you? Cycle through 4 more.
I was curious how Momentum came to be, so I asked and Ben the Community Manager at Momentum Dashboard answered:

1. Why did you decide to build Momentum?

Levi Bucsis first built Momentum to satisfy his own need to stay focused on the tasks and goals that mattered most to him. He recognized the New Tab page as the birth place for much of his distractions and general un-productivity online, so replacing the New Tab page with a constant reminder of his daily focus was a natural fit. 

Since then, Momentum has continued to evolve and grow, shifting from a personal project to a team of four. 

2. How many Momentum users are there?

As of July 30th 2016, an according to the Google Store web page, Momentum has 1,573,886 active users.

3. What’s the timeframe for Trello and Asana integration?

Trello is already available as an integration on Momentum Plus, it is still listed as in beta– but we are quite satisfied with it. 🙂

The Asana integration is next in line, and should be available near the end of this summer or early autumn.

So there you have it: developer scratches itch, shares it with the world, and soon you’ve got a startup of four with a very healthy revenue stream. Keep Momentum in mind the next time you come across another “go big or go home Unicorn founder” who thinks their Uber for Goldfish play is the only way to build a strong, viable, startup. It’s not.

(Momentum Plus unboxed: A few screen captures of what you get when you pay ups your money for Momentum Plus (purchase from within the free extension):

Momentum Plus launch special
Momentum Plus launch special

Integrations - the list is getting longer...
Integrations – the list is getting longer…

And a side of Metrics...
And a side of Metrics…

Customize your Momentum Plus
Customize your Momentum Plus

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