The reality for would-be technical startup founders is you’re going to have to learn and master a ton of information about non-technical stuff: marketing, content marketing, seo marketing, pricing your product, raising money, raising more money (not the same thing), etc. etc. etc.
Sure, you can google each and every one of these topics, sort through all the posts that are just filler between ads, and ferret out actionable information. Good luck with that. You soon are buried in bookmarks, mutually exclusive “shoulds” and end up in information paralysis.
There are better ways. One of those better ways is find a curated bundle of really good information about creating a startup, deep dive into that refreshing pool, and actually get to a place where you can start bringing together, you know, a real startup.
Take for instance, The Ultimate Startup Bundle. I tend not to recommend products, but when I heard that Ash Maurya had signed in to participate, that was enough of a recommendation for me. Ash is one the true experts in the Lean Startup World. Pat and I have interviewed him several times, most recently this podcast. He gets past the platitudes to the this is how, why, where and when to share actionable steps.
Ash’s Lean Canvas software is one of the 58 (yes, 58) components of The Ultimate Startup Bundle – and it’s the single best way I know of to actually analyze competing startup ideas so you can move forward on the one with the highest likelihood of success. I won’t try got through all the ebooks, videos and tools in this bundle: your time is better spent checking it out right now before the sales ends August 8th. So give it a click – I think it’s worth both you money and your time.

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