Back in December, I got a message from Dan Kerns, a reader of my 2009 Web Startup Success Guide:

Hey Bob,
Just want to send a heartfelt thank you for the great masterpiece of The Web Startup Success Guide! I completed the book yesterday, and it has already been a huge value-add in my startup, the soundBYTE Audio App.
Best wishes to you and your family, and Happy Holidays!
Dan Kearns
Dan Kearns
soundBYTE App:

I wrote the Web Startup Success Guide what feels like a million internet years ago. But I guess I did a pretty solid job of it since the core value for a startup founder is still there now.
But what really made me feel all warm and fuzzy was the email from Dan I got yesterday:

Getting back in touch. Thanks for your kind response back in December.
soundBYTE App is doing great! The concept has been validated, so now we’re moving towards rebuilding what’s currently an MVP so that it functions much more effectively.
If you happen to have any recommendations for a backend iOS developer, we’re searching urgently for help on that front. Also always searching for additional investors!
Thanks again & enjoy the rest of your week,

The proof of any advice you get – from a book, a post, a person – is did it work? Apparently it did for Dan – and that’s going to make me a happy camper. If you’re an iOS developer, make Dan a happy camper too and get in touch with him at

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  1. Amazing! Thanks Bob for including that story. Glad I could make you a happy camper … you deserve it with your great (and timeless) book, The Web Startup Success Guide!

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