You want claw an hour or so back into your control of the 168 you get each week? Every time you get an email with an unsubscribe link, use it.
Use it in your email client on your desktop, use it on your phone use it.
It’s entirely normal internet behavior to find something or someone interesting, give them your email address and start those emails hitting your inbox, but at some point, it’s time to stop reading and take action, or move on, par down, and cull the thundering email herd.
Now, that said, please don’t unsubscribe me! Unless you’re not in the startup world one way or another, or these occasional insights about being productive aren’t doing it for you anymore. It will hurt me, but only a little.
(By the way, I skinned yesterday with a new theme to better reflect where I am and who you are – how do you like it?)

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