I know it’s always hard on employees when they’re told they’re no longer needed. It’s hard on management too!
But we’re running a business here and our investors want to see increased profits, decreased costs, and especially labor costs. So, if you one of our valued employees in retail, food services, logistics, accounting, h.r., facilities management, or transportation, well, we’re going to have to let you go. In about five years. Maybe four. Maybe three if we beg Google to let us have their first commercial run of Boston Dynamics’ replacement employees.
Think I’m kidding? Watch this video. That’s the cold icy hand of the very near future you’ll feel going down your spine.

Now that you’ve hopefully had the shit scared out of you keep in mind: this is not a movie. This is not show. This is your future coming whether you like it or not. Ranting, railing, pretending it can’t happen to you, denying it won’t happen to you is so much pissing into the hurricane heading toward your life.
So, since I really like you, and I’m not trying to titillate you, sell you something or get your money, what are you going to do so you’ve got a way of making a living in a few years?
Because the clock is ticking.

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