Well, this Sunday evening was going to be the “official” launch of my brand-new side project, startupsuccessplanner.com. Like every rails app I’ve started in the past 3¬†years I was going to go start by going over to railsapp.com where Daniel Kehoe has been tirelessly making life immeasurably easier for people like me.
Rails tutorials, like fish left in the sun, do not age well. In fact, pretty much anything about Rails has a shelf life measured in weeks and months, not years. That’s why what Daniel has been doing with all of his tutorials and the many, many times he’s updated them is so important. Many rails developers use Daniel’s Rails Composer to kick start a new app – answer a dozen intelligent questions and 15 minutes later you’ve got an up-to-date Rails app with everything you want (your choice of bootstrap, foundation, stripe, rspec, etc., etc.) just the way you want it configured and ready for the secret sauce you’re going to add.
Now, Daniel is doing a small (already successful) Kickstarter campaign to take Rails Composer to the next level. I already know it’s going to be awesome, and I bought in a few minutes ago. You should too.
But that’s not why I’m writing this post right now.
Daniel reached out asking for some upvote love to his Hacker News post (” I Left My Heart in San Francisco: The Exile of a Digital Nomad“) about his very personal Medium story. So personal it hurt to read, mainly because of the many parallels in my life. It takes a brave man to tell the world what he did – and a braver man to despite all that’s been thrown his way to continue to strive to make it better for every open source developer.
So, read the story, upvote it on HN, and support Daniel’s Kickstarter project – you will be glad you did, and his project will make you a better developer.

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  1. Daniel Kehoe Reply

    Thanks so much for the kind words and praise. Truthfully, what keeps me going doing open source projects and tutorials is the kindness and appreciation that comes my way.

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