Well, it’s official with our second “third season” episode: The Startup Success Podcast is back in the business of finding interesting (primarily) self-funded startup founders to talk to, doing our homework so we can interview influential and thought-provoking leaders in the startup world without sounding like idiots and generally having a good time!
The startup podcasting landscape has changed since long ago 2013, and there’s lots of good shows for you to enjoy. Our slant, our focus, our reason for doing the show is that as long term observers/participants in the startup world we want to drill down to the insights, experiences and worthwhile advice that will give self-funded startups a leg up and a sharpened knife for building their successful startups. Unicorns, VC’s and other creatures of Silicon Valley we will mostly leave to others to fawn over. We are looking for information you as self funded startup founder (a.k.a solopreneur, solo founder, and yes, microISV) really, really need to hear.
So join us each week here and on iTunes and on Libsysn for your dose of startup secret sauce!

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