Short version: I’ve been hired as senior web developer at TheRightMargin, so Solopomo development is slowing down. I’m aiming to have it done by end of March.
Hi all! The good news is that after Brandle laid me and rest of its crack development team off and shut it’s office back in September, I’ve now started work as Senior Web Developer at TheRightMargin.
TheRightMargin is a collaborative writing platform that consolidates writing tools, makes it easy to improve your drafts and most importantly, solves writer’s block. TheRightMargin is going after three major pain points. First, for too long in the digital age longform writers have had to put up with tools all based on the paradigm of the infamous Microsoft Word application. (I can say infamous having written 3 books using it.) There are better ways – especially when it comes time to reference your notes, outlines and plans while you’re writing.
Second, this is the digital, integrative, online world where writers want to be able to easily share their work with fans, followers and friends, getting both qualitative and quantitate feedback to help them improve what they write. Let’s make that happen!
Third, as long as there have been writers there has been writer’s block. Few things are more painful than wanting to write, needing to write, but not being able to write. In many cases, being able to get some critical feedback from people you trust, fast, in an actionable form, will help you blast though the blockage and get your writing to done.
All of the above and more are the high goals we’ve set for TheRightMargin – if you write longform, please add yourself to our email list.
Meanwhile, Solopomo is almost to the point where I can at least use it, replacing my manual process of copying Trello cards to a paper list, estimating how many pomodoros I need for each task, then running a Pomodoro Timer on my iPhone and checking them off. Even this limited, klutzy process has meant I can get nearly twice as much done as I could accomplish doing Getting Things Done and a list management app (believe me, if it’s out there, I’ve tried it). It’s taken me more years than I want to think about but I finally “get” GTD is not about having the longest list of undone things imaginable: it’s about emptying your mind, cuing up your work, constraining your focus, and reviewing what you’ve done so you can do more important work better in the future. Thats’ what I hope to achieve with Solopomo.
Finally, if you’re a Trello user, please check out and sign up for the free email course I put together on improving your Trello Productivity. I wanted to move above and beyond the usual listicles you’ve read in countless posts to techniques that will actually make a difference and stick. Check it out at Solopomo.
And now that I’ve got the job thing and the side thing firing away, paradoxically you can expect a lot more content here about ways of succeeding as a Solopreneur and new and better ways of being productive in your digital life.
P.S. Hope you like the site redesign! Love it, Hate it? Share you thoughts in comments.

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