Continuing my experiments to make myself a better solopreneur, I’ve joined and started participating in – and so should you.
My first reaction to fizzle was skepticism – what, another online course that will make me all better? Been there, done that. But I decided to join anyway since being out here in rural Sonoma, California, I was feeling more than a little isolated. You want to talk about wine, come to Sonoma. You want to talk about the challenges and tribulations of being an online solopreneur, you’re in the wrong place. is an “Honest Online Business Training – and the community of entrepreneurs who won’t let you quit”. Part instructional video courses, part very active community. The first thing I noticed was how well done the site was – the production values. We’re talking the difference between YouTube and CBS. The next thing I noticed was how active and supporting the community is of each other. Not endless how do I precisely make a million dollars yesterday-type questions, but strong encouragement of each other, thoughtful questions about the courses, and a willingness to trust each other.
But what sealed the deal for me this morning was taking their “Productivity Essentials” course. I’ve interviewed for various podcasts and online publications David Allen 6 times. Major parts of my three published books have been on productivity. I’ve written and sold two productivity apps and am in the process of building a third. And none of the above comes close to the power, elegance and value of Chase Reeves’ Productivity Essentials course. It’s that good.
My strong advice to you if you want to be a solopreneur or successful developer is spend a buck (that’s right, first month costs just $1.00 USD; $35/month thereafter), join, take the Productivity Essentials course, check out the forums. You will be impressed, motivated, and learn good stuff.
(Here’s my affiliate link if you’d decide you want to try it AND you like what you’re reading here:

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