Export All Google Chrome Tabs to Evernote
I’m stitching together a new comprehensive productivity system presently – to go along with my new work focus of Ruby on Rails work + consulting + writing. It’s nowhere near ready to unleash on an unsuspecting internets, but I just found a chunk well worth sharing.
If you use Chrome, then you’ve probably adopted the new bookmark “stars” functionalityand lost the ability forever to bookmark all tabs. This came as a nasty surprise – it’s gone, you can’t go back, you are screwed.
Chrome extensions like Stash sort of give you back an easy way to reopen your bookmarks en masse, but I found an applescript/Alfred workflow, Export all Chrome Tabs to Evernote on the Veritrope.com site that’s better than the old bookmark all tabs functionality. It creates an Evernote note listing all of the currently topmost Chrome browser window without fuss or muss.
I think its a net gain because many is the time I have a bunch of tabs open about a particular topic – like say Rails 4.1 ActionPack Variants – and have wished I could move that set into Evernote for future reference. Now I can – and so can you.
If you use Alfred, it’s as easy as typing cte, or you can make this applescript into a text snippet with Text Expander, or run the applescript using the built in Script Editor, or Automator.
If you’re on Windows, you are SOL, but here’s something that will definitely help :).

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  1. I use onetab for Chrome. It consolidates the tabs to one, which saves a lot of memory.
    The tab with bookmarks can then be saved, and one URL gets all the tabs back.

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