Happy 2014! I’m restarting this blog today, and the only way I can do that is write what I really want to write. And that means this morning instead of writing about productivity, coding or some other positive topic, I’m writing about the criminally stupid people who enhanced their NYE gala by firing off commercial-size fireworks over the tinder-dry subdivision I live last night.
These were not the usual leftover 4th of July stuff that goes pop in your driveway: these were rockets going up a couple of hundred feet, exploding in window-rattling bursts, for the delight of a private party of revelers at winery, and the consternation and fear of a neighborhood of people surrounded by bone-dry brush and grass.
Now I like fireworks. But running the risk of being burnt to a crisp to amuse a bunch of assholes, that I don’t like. You have to combine truly epic stupidity with a huge sense that somehow, for some reason, you get to do whatever you want because your Special. I’ve known a lot of great people who are far richer than I – good for them. But every once in a while you come across some who think their money gives them the right to pick and choose what laws they obey. Firing off commercial-grade pyrotechnics over a rural subdivision with one road out and hundreds of acres of bone-dry ground cover is criminally stupid.

The London Eye illuminated by London's New Year's Eve fireworks display Photo: Kois Miah
The London Eye illuminated by London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display Photo: Kois Miah

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