After spending the past six months focused on two different Ruby on Rails contracts, I rebooting my site, clearing out the old, making room for the new and going mobile. 2012 is in its last hours, I’m really looking forward to 2013, and at least two major projects for me.
If you’re reading this on my new site, you probably noticed the tagline as headline above: “Living at the intersection of Startup and Productivity.” I mean it.
There’s easily a thousand times more startups now than when I started down this road in 2005, and we’ve become the darlings of the business world. From well-funded, “We’re the next Google!” enterprises to what the unstoppable¬†Patrick McKenzie¬†calls “solo entrepreneurs”, startups are remaking what we can do and how we do it.
On the other hand, being productive day in and day out still is more dream than reality for most people: it certainly is for me. Email is the monster that will not die, all the online distractions now live in a little black phone we never, ever are free of, and we’re being cooked in boiling information day in and day out. Our attention has been sliced and diced, monetized and commoditized into a thousand data points others use to market to us. This is not a happy state of affairs.
I hope in the year ahead to chronicle plenty of interesting stories about the startup world and being productive. Perhaps a useful insight or two, undoubtedly thanks to talking with some of the really smart people out there. Thanks for reading, and be seeing you here soon!


  1. Jack Johnson Reply

    Welcome back, Bob! I wondered why things were so quiet here… Will you be posting any lessons learned from your contract work?
    Happy New Year!
    — Jack

    • Bob Walsh Reply


      • Staying current in a dynamically evolving software ecology like Ruby is something you are going to need to spend time on each day.
      • Beware of companies who hire you because they arrogantly assume they in turn are going to get a given contract.
  2. Jack Johnson Reply

    And finally… ?? The suspense is killing me! ;^D
    – Jack

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