If you’re stuck for an idea to build your startup on, then I’ve got just what you need – and it will cost you a single dollar. Rene Andreasi-Bassi is one of those rare people who throw off great ideas like way sparks fly when molten steel gets poured. His day job is in the television industry where a thousand ideas live and die before lunch. And he’s done what every good founder does in the age of the Internet – design/define a way to monetize that uniqueness, reach out to build an audience and then a market and disrupt the status quo.
Rene built and is very effectively marketing BuyMyIdea.com, where you can go, browse his ideas and if you find one that makes you jump, buy it for a dollar and up. Pure genius, a clean intellectual property provenance and well worth a visit. Check it out.


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  2. Hhmmmm, that’s interesting. But how does one sell a valuable idea without first disclosing it?

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