Just posted show number 141 of the Startup Success Podcast – a great interview with Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend and Pat’s last show as cohost as he goes on to founding his own startup, Tribbon. It feels really weird to stop doing something we’ve done together for pushing four years.
I just wanted to say thanks Pat! For sharing a dream, for countless hours whipping our raw interviews into shows, for putting up with me, for contributing above and beyond the call to the startup community. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun.
Next week, I’ll be putting the Startup Success Podcast into reruns, re-issuing some our best interviews over the past years. Pat and I did some really good interviews, and I think you’ll enjoy them. And stay tuned, there’s more changes coming!

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  1. Thank you, too, Bob! It’s been a blast, and I’ve learned a ton.
    Thanks also for continuing with the reruns. That’s an awesome idea.
    I won’t be far away.

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