Someone in Côte d’Ivoire left me a message via SnapEngage in the early hours of this morning here in California.
“i LIve COTE D’ivoire. How i can do to be help to develop my start up?”
Here’s my reply:
I think you asked how you can get help developing your startup?
1. Make sure you have an idea that can be of value to some other group of people.
2. Share that idea with others, enlist and recruit them. Ask for their help.
3. Do it for the right reason – to make a positive difference in the world. Few people will be interested in helping you make money. Many people will be interested in making the world just a bit better.

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  1. Well put – everyone likes to think they’re doing something good, if your offering meets a need, you have a sound strategy, and you do something that makes people feel good, you’ll be in decent shape!
    Danielle Harrison co-founder

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