I was chatting with Alvin of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this morning on my site – he’s a law student thinking about doing a startup. He wanted to know: what’s Silicon Valley is like?
Having lived in the Bay Area and worked in the tech industry 30 years, I’ve got a pretty good sense of that.
The good news re SV is that now it’s digital and online: it’s all available to everyone on the planet. What you need to pick up on if you want to succeed is the habits, mindsets, techniques that work in the Valley and make the Valley work.
Other answer – lots of tech jobs available, great weather, new stuff all the time.
Here’s the habits I mean:

  • You try something, it fails, you learn, you try something else.
  • You help other people, because in this industry, what goes around, comes around, damn quick.
  • Doing beats talking and wondering and trying to work everything out in advance every time.
  • Make stuff people want, let them know about it, and the money will follow.

If you live in the Valley – even if you live in Valley online – the above are obvious. You go to other industries, places, mindsets and they above is anything but obvious. Where do you want to be?
(image from the Onion – a great read!)

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