I’m running my brief semi-annual secret MicroConsult sale right now for past clients and their friends and checking in on how past and recent clients are doing. Two bits of feedback that were the kind of results I like to hear:

“Thank you for the help you provided earlier with the 2 MicroConsults.  It helped me get to the point of quitting my full time job and then adding my first employee. ”
– “Tom Esposito, Founder | bridallive.com .


“A year into my start-up venture I booked a microconsult with Bob. Well I should have done that much sooner! His experience with bootstrapped start-ups is invaluable and the fact that he is willing to share that experience for $147 is fantastic. I ran an established desktop software company for 10 years and like to think that I know a little about the business, but running a one-man start-up is a very different exercise.
Bob is a great sparring partner and quickly pointed out some pain points on my web site and helped to set priorities. He really made me take a fresh look at my messaging and positioning.
If you have a start-up, read his books and book a microconsult, you will earn it back. ” 
–  Edwin Siebesma, MeetingKing.com

By the way, Edwin has some advice for other startups: if you’re building a web service, do what it takes to get it into the Google Web Store. Fantastic immediate uptake and great conversion levels to boot!

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