Matt Williams (an “avid” reader of this blog) emailed me this morning. Who’s Matt Williams? a) He’s the guy who added a little style to Google Docs – specifically this nice OS X-like Linen Background script and, b) He’s the guy who got a post about a) in TechCrunch about his “make it pretty” effort in under 10 minutes after posting.
“I have always been passionate about useful and well designed tech. When i designed the Google Docs iOS Linen Background, i honestly just wanted to share it with others who would appreciate it. I told my friend to install the pluggin and he sneakily sent it in to techcrunch and within 10 minutes a post had been written about it.”, Matt replied.
Matt runs No Yelling Driving School in Australia (Brisbane and Perth) when he’s not making the interwebs just a smidgen easier on the eyes or getting ready to expand his business to Sydney. Seems he has a few new Facebook friends now: 1,090 to be exact.
Maybe if your startup is looking for a few new friends and a ton of legit linkbacks you should take a page (linen of course) out of Matt’s playbook. 🙂

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