So what’s the “secret sauce” of Balsamiq Mockups? That’s what I set out to find out in Balsamiq Interviews (available today, free download) – a set of 9 interviews of cheerfully rabid Balsamiq fans.
The secret is this: Balsamiq affords a new kind of communication and interaction for UX experts, designers, developers, project managers, startup founders and money guys. All of these people wrestle every workday to express the rightness of intangible ideas. How do you explain to another human being what something that doesn’t exist “should” look like? How do you move from your mind’s eye to their eyes an already intangible intangible?
You do it with pictures, after finding a way to get your inner art critic to shut the hell up and get out of the way. No one is going to mistake a mockup done in Balsamiq as anything but a mockup – a reasonably good way communicating how the elements of a web page, web app or something else entirely should come together. It’s good enough to get across how “this thing” is going to work, without erecting barriers to involvement, collaboration and participation. No art degrees needed. And it’s fast.
That Balsamiq secret sauce has given this very diverse group of people a very real competitive advantage. They can communicate faster, across distances and barriers. Whether it’s the British VC who deals with literally thousands of startups and arms them with Balsamiq so they can get a handle on their ideas (James King), or uberdesigner Ryan Carson planning out his next big thing (Treehouse) or a careful practitioner of the UX arts over delivering to wow-ed clients (Theresa Neil), there is something going on here. Why not get in on the action?
Balsamiq Interviews was great fun to create, thanks Peldi for the opportunity!
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