Just in to the What People are Saying about MicroConsults with Bob Walsh Department:

Bob, your insight and honest assessment focused us and encouraged us.  We were not sure what to expect but your Micro Consult was awesome.  We are so glad you offer this valuable service.  We will be implementing your recommendation and we look forward to using your service again.
-Dave Kauffman, BullyNet.com

Yesterday I finished my second of 3 hours Micro-Consulting with Bob. As a programmer I have a hard time doing copy-writing. The website listed some simple benefits for my application. But with Bob’s help this is now on it’s way to be made much clearer. Also, the website will get a good makeover. Having worked with beta testers before I thought I knew what new users do and think when they start using my application. Again, this was an eye-opener and we developed some ideas to make the experience of the application smoother and clearer.
Having so much to do… But I can’t wait for the next session.
-Trixi Willius, http://www.mothsoftware.com
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