Two of my favorite tools for managing my startup are Evernote and You’ve heard of Evernote – the in-the-cloud information storage for practically every kind of non-databased information in your life. is a nifty service that will send you, or someone, or both of you reminder emails, free.
Since you can now share an Evernote note via email, and you can send that email to future self via Followupthen, you have a powerful tool for making sure you periodically tackle tasks in your startup.

For example, here’s my monthly WordPress workflow that’s stored in my @Marketing Evernote notebook. (At least once a month you should go into your WP site and update plugins, check your comments log, take a look at your stats, and at least note what’s popular on your site.)

WordPress Monthly Maintenance Workflow:

For each of my WP sites:

  1. Go to Plugins>>Installed Plugins. Select all, update.
  2. Go to Comments>> All Comments. – for the last 30 days, any spam sneak in? Any comments I need to act on (::create task)? Any comments I should followup via email (::create task)?
  3. Go to Jetpack>Askimet Stats. Any Missed Spam in the last 30 days?
  4. Go to Polls>>New Poll and create a new poll for readers. Change in Appearance>>Widgets Poll Name and active poll.
  5. Go to JetPack>>Site Stats. Look around.
  6. Check Search Engine Terms – any surprises there?
  7. Check At a Glance>>Weeks. Up or Down?

I emailed it to so Followupthen will email it back to me on the first day of each month. (I wrote a pretty good cheatsheet on followupthen – download it from this post: Remember the future with
Here’s what the email looks like when it arrives in my inbox:

Don’t rethink – reuse

Two quick points about how I approach this “workflow” First, having thought this through once I don’t have to ponder this again – just follow instructions, and get it done. Second, the first step only works if your detailed and specific – as you should be whenever you describe a task. Third, when in the future I hand this task off to a virtual assistant, it’s ready to go, making efficient use of their time and my money.
So what workflows do you repeat that can be done more efficiently by creating a workflow in Evernote, then emailing it to


  1. Evernote and are quickly become more and more part of my routine. They’re very helpful tools.
    I like the idea of keeping the broken-down task steps there so that you don’t have to think about what needs to be done. I have plenty of tasks like this that I have done my best to automate with scripts, but they still need me to do a handful of manual tasks to pull things together. Great suggestion Bob!

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