Andrus Purde, one of my MicroConsult clients, just suggested I expand my usual 4-6pm PST (UTC -8) free online office hours here so european startup founders don’t have to get up in the middle of the night just to connect with me. Well, time for an experiment!
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Jan 11-13) I’ll also be available to chat and offer suggestions at 6:30am PST (UTC -8) and 12pm Noon PST. Just come here to and in about 45 seconds an IM chat window will appear, powered by one of my favorite engagement tools, Or click the big box in the footer.
I can’t promise I can help you with every single startup question, but I can try, and the ones I don’t have a good answer for will make great posts here.
The danger for me is that while social media/realtime IM chats are a powerful way to engage with your customers and clients I will need to make sure I fearlessly guard the rest of my time when I singletask away at coding, do client work and, you know, work.

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