If so, I can help you.
You see, about a year ago I realized just about every self-funded startup founder sooner or later gets stuck.
Stuck trying to figure out the next right action to grow sales, gain attention, connect with their market,  move forward.
I also realized I’m actually extremely good at helping those same startup founders get some perspective on which of all the things they should do next to improve their startups, define exactly with them what to do and how to do it, and nag them nicely as they work the plan.
I started doing MicroConsults, and they’ve worked great for over a 80 startup founders, and I’ve been having a blast. And when I ask at the end of the consult if they’d like their money back, not one person has said yes. So it’s time for me to up my game, and move MicroConsults from being nice sideline to major focus in the new year.
As we wrap up 2011, I wanted to offer my loyal readers still on the fence about doing a MicroConsult a really good deal: The Get Unstuck for 2012! Sale. From now to January 7th, 2012, one MicroConsult will cost you $99 instead of $147, and two MicroConsults ($198) will get you a third one free. Schedule them now, use them later, whatever works for you.
If you’ve been spinning your wheels in 2011, isn’t it time to make the commitment to take your startup to the next level of success?

What people have been saying about MicroConsult with Bob Walsh:
“I’m absolutely delighted with Bob’s approach and insights. I was fully expecting the benefits of a ‘fresh pair of eyes’, but I got a lot more, in both marketing and operational areas. I now have a clear view of where I am and how to get to the next level with a well defined action plan. I definitely recommend Bob for any small software company looking to maximise their potential.”  Marcin Coles, ZippyMeetings.com
“I just finished a terrifically valuable first mentoring session with Bob Walsh. He stretched my mind in multiple dimensions, and provided not only a satellite-level view of the micropreneurial landscape, but also specific action items to apply those insights and move on to the next steps. This was worth way more than the price of admission – I recommend Bob’s mentoring services whole-heartedly!  – “Jack”
“The Microconsult with Bob was excellent. Our particular problem was lack of sales. Bob analysed our website in detail and made specific suggestions for improvements, which would make it more likely for customers to buy our service. He is very patient and offers great value for money. The phone call in the Microconsult offer is for one hour, but our session lasted more than 2 hours! Bob is a true mentor. We are very excited and optimistic about making the relevant changes to our website.” – A recent client in stealth mode.

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