Well, I’ve been trying hard to resist theĀ avalanche of Black Friday deals today, but I fell for one, and you should too:

$17 instead of $120? Grab it!

The megatrend is towards realtime web data and for good reason: the whole point of having a site is engagement. By the way, had to straighten out a few issues due to expired trial account, but thanks to James at GoSquared I’m all set.
James was able to work the problem with me live (there’s that realtime meme again!) using oLark. While I prefer snapengage.com, it’s vastly more satisfying a tech support experience being able to interactively get a problem handled than going the whole submit a ticket and wait routine.

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  1. Thanks very much Bob! If anyone has any questions about GoSquared then please give us a shout šŸ™‚ Our offer is only on for a very short period of time, so grab it while it’s hot!

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