Aging well!

Want a quick introduction to social media for your startup and getting “the media” to pay attention to it? Here’s Chapter 6 “Social Media and your Startup” from my book The Web Startup Success GuideGuide. (I rescued this sample chapter from obscurity at
What’s in this free chapter: Cluetrain, building social media radar, doing Twitter right , drinking from the RSS firehose with  Google Reader with PostRank, building your startup’s blog, getting big news blogger and media attention, creating a community.
And Interviews with: Andy Wibbels, Mike Gunderloy, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Rafe Needleman, Al Harberg, Les Suzukamo, Luke Armour, Ginevara Whalen, Matt Johnson, Veronica Jorden, and Maria Sipka. All good stuff, and some very good advice from people who know what they are talking about.
While the book is 2 years old, the content is current, useful, I’d like to think entertaining, exclusive, and free! Give it a read, let me know what you think.

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