(A while back I’d planned to launch a new productivity site, ProductivityToDo.com, but it makes more sense to fold that effort into 47Hats. So, here’s the first of a series of posts on tools and services for improved online productivity. Note the .pdf download at the end of the post! :))
The more people you interact with in, the harder it is to remember to follow up with them. Enter FollowUpThen.com (FUT) – an elegant alternative to missed deadlines, dropped conversations, and things in general falling through the cracks.
Here’s a few examples of what this free service can do for you, starting right now:

  • You email a friend, coworker, your boss a question. More times than not, if they don’t reply you won’t remember. Instead, you BCC 3days@followupthen.com and three days later you get a reminder from FUT with a copy of your email.
  • Your girlfriend, boyfriend or just a friend has an important event coming up in a few months. Usually you’d shortchange them and you because you either forget it entirely, or don’t prepare to do it right. With FUT, you slap together and an email with info on the event – say your anniversary – a couple of to do’s (get flowers, gift) and email that to mar12@followupthen.com. Come March 12th, you get that email back – just when you need it.
  • You’re working on a project and have nailed down who is supposed to do what. You’ve got what you have to do neatly tucked away in your GTD system, but do they? In the recap email you send CC fridays@followupthen.com and all recepients will get a reminder email every friday until you turn this off. Don’t like the generic look of that reminder? Spend $24 for the year to upgrade and add your logo, custom colors and custom explanation, and remind via SMS.

FUT is elegant – for the price of adding an email address, you get back a clear reminder exactly when you need it. No more wasting time emailing back and forth “Have you looked at x,y and z yet?” “no I haven’t can you send me that email again?”
I’ve been using FUT for two months now to:

  • Make sure to send my girlfriend’s weekly timesheet in on Sundays at 4pm.
  • Remember to evaluate that awesome new online tool I just signed up for before the free trial expires (25d@followupthen.com).
  • Remind me when a book by an author I like is set to go on sale at Amazon so I can don’t waste my time checking again.
  • Send low value emails I need to respond to my least productive time of the week (everyFriday3pm@followupthen.com).

To start using the FollowUpThen.com, just email 2minutes@followupthen.com.
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  1. Sounds like a great service. I have found a similar solution using a free service call TickleTrain. TickleTrain allows you to create any number of unique pre-determined follow-up emails with complete control. So if you don’t get a reply, every lead, invoice, customer, etc. will get a personalized follow-up email as if they were sent by you. With TickleTrain any email sent that you would like a reply to is almost guaranteed. It personalizes your follow-up emails so the recipient will feel you took the time to email them directly. Once you have setup your “tickles” you can use them over and over for an infinite number of follow-ups to your customers and leads as if you sent them yourself. Might want to check it out at http://www.tickletrain.com

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