I miss Steve. I miss him a lot. Especially after spending the past 4 hours trapped in the “Internal Error Occurred” debacle (reported herehere, and even here, and anywhere else Apple-centric on the web), unsuccessfully upgrading my iPad and iPhone to iOS5.
For my snickering Windows friends (I’m thinking of you, Pat!), today’s waste of what could have been a productive day began by being the good early adopter and pounding away at the iTunes upgrade button since 5am, then receiving the anointed Best New Thing about 10am, waiting about an hour for the inescapable backup, install, and then after all that, install fails with a bullshit “internal error occurred.” Again and again and again.

(* Image above is what you get if you try the “let’s restore not upgrade” solution. At least it’s honest. Stupidly lame, but honest.)
Contrast the “Internal Error Occurred” debacle to the Lion OS upgrade of July 20th – which was the most uneventful OS upgrade, ever, a month before Steve stepped down.

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