Will your startup succeed? Will it make you money, get you into TechCrunch, be a home run?
No one can tell you for sure. But some people can give you a damn good guess backed up by a track record of building successful startups. One such person is Jason Cohen, of A Smart Bear fame, and he is ready, willing and able to share his considered opinion with you this Thursday, September 1st, online at 3:00pm Central Daylight Time (4p EDT / 1p PDT) for the second Smart Bear Live show.
If you want a better answer to this question than you already have, here’s the sign-up form: bit.ly/rrbDTn. Sign up for details on the conference call, and to get your questions answered.
Patrick Foley and I will also be on the call, adding what insight we can into the question that should be keeping up you at night.
See – or hear – you there.


  1. Bob –
    I signed up on the form but only got the “thank you for submitting” webpage. I have not received any details on how to listen to the show. Do you know when those details will be sent?

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