Derek Sivers nailed it. So what’s the value of an idea? Well, it does have some value, but it’s really a multiplier for execution.
Say ideas are worth 1 to 20. 1 to 20 what? 1 to 20 as ideas in and by themselves. Not exactly enough to retire on, right?
Now do something with that idea. Make it real. Execute on it. Even if your execution is crappy, you will actually have something.
Here’s how he explained it in this AppSumo Action Video – (free, but go grab it now!):

So, if you already had the awesomely amazing idea (like I do – of course! – with you’d better focus 99.9999% on execution. (He says to himself.)
An idea alone – that’s nice. Idea times execution: Now you have something.


  1. This is a great idea — I’d never thought about it as a multiplier, but it seems to make perfect sense.
    An grammar nazi aside — “you” should be “your” in the headline…

  2. I often hear a phrase that is used when something goes wrong… It was a good idea that was badly executed, I never hear the phrase… it was a bad idea that was well executed!

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