First off, a hardy thanks to those who commented on this post, or tweeted, or emailed, or IM’ed, or called. Like the song says, I get by with a little help from my friends…
Speaking of help, if you need to kick your web site into a higher gear, you could do worse than attend AppSumo’s Action Class today at noon, PST. Your’s truly will be critiquing the sites of nine brave volunteers already picked. I think it will be worth your while.
And lastly, now there’s only 16 days before GE stops paying for your copy of Do the Work. at Amazon. Tick Tock! And by the way, you in no way need to own a Kindle to read Kindle books – Amazon has free reading/managing apps for every conceivable platform, including the one you are reading this on. In fact, personally I do all my reading on an iPad, except like, in sunlight.

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  1. Bob. Thank you for the referral of “Do The Work”. It descibes exactly where I find myself today. I figured it is simply exhausion and burnout. Hopefullly we all can find a way through!

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