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Any time you put a now-obvious unmet need, a new startup and a cat on a keyboard together, you can pretty much bet I will run with it: Corey Maass (Gelform) has a great teaser up for Cue, the app you need If you run meetups, have gigs, or just organize happy hour every Friday. Corey proved three things with Cue – there’s plenty of unmet needs out there, video teasers do not have to be boring, and yes, you can still get a six-letter .com domain.

From the Actually Getting Work Done Dept.: Will Rayer has a new Ubercode Trial Pack is out – this version has an integrated installer. That means when your program is complete, you can create a fully working Windows installer in one click. Ubercode is ideal for VB programmers and developers who want a refreshing change from complex development environments.

Ever notice those little diamond shaped placards on the side of an 18-wheeler and wonder just want they mean? Ever think about how far and how fast you should run if you see liquid spilling out of the rail car parked down on the tracks behind your house? Well, now you can know: There’s an App, err, and Android App for that, it’s called DOT Placards and Anne Gunn of the Sheridan Programmers Guild wrote it.

Interesting questions with useful answers:

Interesting questions with useful answers:

News/posts for microISVs and Startups:

  • If you’re still in the “I don’t need source code versioning” camp, maybe you should read this post: “Code Fearlessly”.
  • And if you are also one of those “Real Startups don’t need A/B testing” types, have a gander at “How Split-Testing Our Opt-In Form Increased Our Conversion Rate by 102.2%
  • And if you think that having a free version of your product doesn’t carry a cost and a risk, because you won’t be charging for it, then you’d should consider the carefully chosen words of the WooThemes team: “The Cost of Free“.

New at the Startup Success Podcast:

  • Show #96 [link] [iTunes]. In this show Bob and Pat talk with best networked Irishman in Silicon Valley, David Smith, Senor Vice President of Enterprise Ireland. Enterprise Ireland is not just an Irish version of the typical “pretty please do business in our country” national commerce program – they are a $500 million VC fund directly investing in over 70 startups, 15 startups incubators throughout Ireland, and are actively woo U.S.-based startups to locate their European offices in Ireland. Give a listen to what happens when robust government support of technology startups is a reality, not a campaign slogan.
  • Show #97 [link] [iTunes]. In this show Bob and Pat interview Allen Stern, founder of CloudContacts. CloudContacts is another way you can take the hassle and inefficiency out of converting business cards into data. We talk with Allen on the advantages of building a startup to address a problem you experience, why in the age of the social network business cards are not going away any time soon, and more.
  • Show #98 [link] [iTunes]. In this show Bob and Pat interview Sarah Prevette, founder and CEO of Sprouter. Sprouter is an online community for entrepreneurs where you can get advice from more experienced startup founders one-to-one on securing angel and VC funding, pricing, positioning and all the other questions you face. We talk about the growing global startup community, why successful startups want to pay it forward to the next batch of startups, how Sprouter got its seed money and why and plenty more. Don’t miss this show, and join Spouter!

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