Since I got word today that I made the Domino Project street team cut, I thought I should explain why you’ll be reading even more posts here from me singing the praise of Seth Godin. After all, what proof do I have this Domino thing is going to not just turn into a fancy book hype thing?
First exhibit for the negative, everything-is-hype naysayers: the very first Project Domino book, umm ebook, umm title just became available for pre-order: Poke the Box. Paper, Kindle and a fancy signed letterpress edition for those who like Seth even more than I do.
What’s it about? Haven’t a clue. Did I order it sight and Kindle sample unseen? You bet!
For the past decade or more, I’ve been getting important ideas from each of Seth’s books, years before everyone else got on the bandwagon. Permission Marketing. Online Tribes. The Dip. Linchpin.
I’ll bet anything he has to say is something I can gain from. And the sooner I know about it, the more of a competitive advantage I’ll have. Remember the iOS developers who took a “wait and see” attitude towards the iPhone – and missed the boat? If you wait for everyone else to decide for you, you’ll wait way too long.
Sometimes you have to trust your informed gut feeling and your own enlightened self interest.
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