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One of the absolute best startup bloggers out there is Ash Maurya. If you have not been reading his posts these past few years, you’ve missed some extremely good content on how to define, build and grow a Lean Startup. Ash finished today his book, drawn from the workshops he’s been doing, Running Lean. I’ve been reading an advance copy and all I can say, this is an ebook that should be on every single startup founders’ device of choice. It is that good. We will be reinteviewing Ash soon on the Startup Success Podcast, but in the meantime, listen to that show and buy his book.

Jeff Lewis,, just released his first serious iPhone app, Unbroken Chain. Unbroken Chain is an app that helps you keep track of your goals and motivate you to do something about them every day. Read more at Motivated Ideas.

John Nye, NimbleWorks, has launched TrackTime – a Mac time tracker app designed to help you find the billable time you forgot to log. Finally a time tracker that acknowledges we are not automations! Also worth mentioning, all of TrackTimes profits for February and March will be going towards the Developers Against Poverty campaign at (Disclosure: John did a microconsult with me last year.)

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Interesting questions with useful answers:

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  • Show #95 [link] [iTunes].In this show Bob and Pat interview Sid Viswanathan, cofounder of CardMunch, a business card scanning startup presently available on the Apple iPhone. Sid explains how this crowdsource-powered startup structures its work to ensure accuracy, protect privacy and makes Internet-based piecework successful. Sid covers how deferring profitability while A/B testing different pricing models has given CardMunch the time and opportunity to discover the best price points for its service. Sid also explains the approach to selling a mobile App that merits 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Tired of being stuck in neutral in your startup? Why not do a MicroConsult with Bob Walsh? Instead of hypotheticals and too much information, Bob will work with you for an hour via Skype developing 8 to 10 specific todos that will get your startup in gear. Here’s what one recent client had to say:Details at
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