The results of the first annual MicroISV Pain Points Survey hit my inbox today – two interesting takeaways:
– While pricing was the top pain, allotting time for blogging and time management were the #2 and #3 pains for the 152 microISVs who took the survey.
– When Russell Thackston analyzed the 142 open-ended responses (10 people punted), guess which word was most frequent? Time. By a sizable margin.
Paul Graham (always someone to pay attention to) talks about Manager time versus Maker time – “For someone on the maker’s schedule, having a meeting is like throwing an exception. It doesn’t merely cause you to switch from one task to another; it changes the mode in which you work.”
You know this quandary: do I turn off email and the rest and code 8 hours straight to get that new cool feature done, or, do I spend 8 hours meeting with people, promoting the product, answering customer inquiries, being social (like in network), marketing? You can’t do both. But you can recognize the difference between the two, and as the saying goes, where the right hat at the right time.
Just remember you make your own reality – or a reality will be provided for you. That’s a tree-huggy way of saying if you don’t decide what kind of day you’ll have tomorrow – Maker or Manager – you’ll slide down the Manager Time slope with that first email check.
Thanks to Russell Thackston at Auburn University, AL for taking the time to get this data and think about it!

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