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In the last few years something important has changed. From there being scant support for first-time/bootstrapping startups we’re seeing incubator after startup fund come online. Case in point, The FinTech Innovation Lab is an annual program in New York City supports start-ups developing technology for the financial services industry.
Selected participants get workspace in New York City, $25k in funding and access to and the opportunity to develop relationships with chief decision-makers in the financial services industry. At the conclusion of the program, a demo day gives participants an opportunity to pitch for further funding. This is one sweet deal – both for developers, and for financial service companies. If this sounds like you, deadline is January 31st, so stop reading this post and get hustle on over to

Interesting questions with useful answers:

Interesting questions with useful answers:

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  • I’ve been following Steve Rubel since his Micro Persuasion days and he continues to rock. Case in point, “The Next Media Disruptors Are Mobile Pure-Plays“. Steve makes the whole mobile disruption thing easy-peasy: “With Internet consumption on mobile devices set to surpass the same on PCs next year, according to Morgan Stanley, and US smart phone penetration to hit 50%, Nielsen says, mobile is no longer the tail on the media dog. For the next wave of media upstarts, it’s the dog and the rest is the tail.” Also, kudos for adding a much needed phrase to our vocabulary as we try to describe content that leaps and jumps from medium to medium: transmedia arc.
  • While I will walk through the Trough of Sorrow I will fear no evil department: Martin Kleppmann, co-founder of Rapportive candidly talks about the tribulations of supporting a product while trying to do 19 other things that need to be done yesterday if the startup is to succeed. Good reading.
  • If you’re not reading Seth Godin everyday, you should. His insights into your world are golden. Case in point from his Lost in a Digital World post that earned over a thousand retweets: “Constant inputs and unlimited potential distractions allow us to avoid the lizard, they give the resistance a perfect tool. Everywhere to run, everywhere to hide. The advantage of being cornered with nowhere to turn is that it leaves you face to face with the lizard brain, unable to stall or avoid the real work.”, The Startup Success Podcast and other plugs:

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  • No new guides this period.

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  • Show #94 [link] [iTunes]. In this show Bob and Pat interview Jerome Breche, cofounder of SnapEngage, an instant IM system for creating conversations between you and visitors presently on your site. Jerome explains the unmet need behind SnapEngage, why SnapEngage is highly integrated with other online services, and more.

Tired of being stuck in neutral in your startup? Why not do a MicroConsult with Bob Walsh? Instead of hypotheticals and too much information, Bob will work with you for an hour via Skype developing 8 to 10 specific todos that will get your startup in gear. Here’s what one recent client had to say:Details at
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  1. The Seth Godin post was interesting yet truly scary. I read his stuff all the time and if you need a good book to inspire you then read his book called The Dip and his latest book called Lynchpin.

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