Quora, the answerboard alternative to Stack Exchange and it many progeny, seems to have hit the takeoff point this week. With something like 500,000 registered members, I’m seeing a 10-fold increase in follow notifications. Others have remarked on the seeing the same thing.
Usually about this time, the “old-timers” moan, grown and whinge about how the sudden onslaught of the masses is ruining “their” service. I can remember “there goes the online neighborhood” laments all the way back to when CompuServe started to get popular – it’s a sure sign that a online network has passed its Rubicon and is going mainstream.
What’s unusual this time, are the calls of restraint and tolerance some longtime members of the Quommunity are making. It’s a refreshing change.
For example, Achilleas Vortselas writes, “If you are an early adopter, chances are that you have been taken by surprise by the increasing rate of influx of new Quora users. You may feel dismayed by the quality of their contributions and frustrated by their behaviour. You may feel the urge to crack your righteous whip at them. Don’t.”
As the communities we try and build around our software as startups and microISVs becomes increasingly important, what are you doing to make newbies welcome?

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