Today’s example of A Job Well Done (a new feature I’m starting for 2011 here) is Tawheed (“TK”)¬†Kader’s newest startup, specifically its welcome page.
Any doubts in your mind what Tout is about?
I thought not.
Three things worth pointing out about this page:

  1. Yes, “Tout” is huge – that one word is like firing a shot into the ceiling to get everyone attention – and then speaking calmly, clearly and briefly. Notice all the white space on the page? That’s visual silence after the whack your eyes just got.
  2. Keep it short. Very short. The more attention you grab, the less time you have to make your point. I’ve seen more copy for a single benefit or feature than this entire page.
  3. Match deed to word. This is not an app for the fainthearted. It’s meant to appeal to startups, businesses, “thought leaders” and other rambunctious people trying to stir up trouble, build buzz, go viral, and get attention. And Tout shows it can accomplish that.
  4. Stay classy. When you brazenly try to get people’s attention, best to do so in a way that looks effortless. Whether it’s the one graphic, the use of sexy buttons, the “Sign up with your Google account in under 10 seconds” promise (you can), this is a classy page.

The takeaway from this (IMO) Job Well Done, is walk the talk: if you are going to sell a better way to get attention, start with showing you can do that for your own startup.
(Quick disclosure – After TK showed me Tout and I decided to make an example of his site, I pitched a small project to him and he accepted. More about that soon.)

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