Sometimes when it comes to marketing your startup, it’s not what you do but how you do it. You probably give away a few free licenses a week to people you meet, but do you do it with style and make a remarkable, positive, experience out of it?

Here’s how: create some individually unique minicards at MOO. Besides doing an awesome job of business card printing – their paper stock is the best I’ve seen for cards -this US/UK firm lets you can customize each card.
For example, before doing a recent keynote up at Seattle, I made a simple minicard at MOO; on one side is my name, email and “This is a free six month Scholarship to! Enjoy! (email me to activate)”
On the other side I created 50 different backgrounds – in 5 solid colors I like, numbered 1 to 50. The result? Two sets of 50 cards each that actually feel like you are giving something of value. Cost? $20 plus shipping.
For your first 2011 tech conference, meetup or event, why not go a little further and make the free licenses you market with something they will remember?


  1. This is a great idea. I am going to do exactly this – get business cards with free product licenses. I verbally offer them anyway.

  2. This is an interesting idea. I’ve checked out Moo and they seem very flexible when designing custom business cards.
    I’m going to try the ’email me to activate technique’.

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