One nice way of helping your startup customers is to use But if you do, there’s three things you want to keep in mind:

  • Your screen sizes will differ. That means your customers – unless they are also developers – will probably have a smaller screen. Sometimes a very much smaller screen. Be sure at the very start they can easily read your screen by either increasing the size of what you are showing, or magnifying the entire screen. Be sure they can see both the right and left sides and the top and bottom.
  • Your mileage will definitely differ. Unless both of you are on fast broadband, there will be a persistent lag. Worse, sometimes it’s a short lag, but the bigger the object on your screen changed, the longer it will take for their screen to refresh. Periodically ask your customer if they are seeing exactly what you are doing at that moment.
  • Keep it simple! While you can do voice over IP or a conference call within, the former will eat bandwidth and the latter introduces its own set of complexities. It’s best simply to call them(via Skype to their land line).


    • Bob Walsh Reply

      Thanks Corey for the heads up; will check it out!

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